Aaron yan and gui gui dating

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They were onscreen lovers in the 2008 Taiwanese drama Pi Li MIT, but I don't think they're actually dating in real life.However, they are really good friends and keep in touch all the time through Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter).Well, no one really knows if Aaron Yan likes Gui Gui, but it is definitely know that they are very good friends.Of course, only the stars themselves know this answer, but looking at their interactions as well as communication on screen as well as in Pi Li MIT, a budding romance can definitely be seen between these two stars.Tags aaronyan fahrenheit guigui guilun jirowang romance sliceoflife taiwanese aaronyanxguigui wuyingjie emmawu yanyalun gemma guilunfanfic guilunstory asianfanatics afsite hatecrushlove hcl dramafan123 Tags aaronyan angelazhang fahrenheit guigui guilun romance taiwanese wangzi wuchun yatou aaronyanxguigui shoollife wuyingjie emmawu yanyalun gemma winglin guilunfanfic guilunstory guilun98 mysuperlove msl She's laughing.He's telling her something that have made her laughed so hard that her tears fall out. She leans towards his touch like it's the most natural thing to do. But what can "All you need in the ever changing world is someone that you can truly belong to." A group of orphans search for a place of their own and end up finding more than they bargained for.Then she smiles at him lovingly, as he slowly pulls her in for a kiss. (A werewolf story.) "Fate is the divine and mysterious force that causes two people to meet.

Now what are they going to d Gui Gui started to realise that she has a feeling towards someone. To a child, play was the What happen's when the person you have chatted turns out to be the person you hate the most?Guigui and Aaron have been chatting in a chat website and they like each other,however;neither of them know who is behind the computer but destiny has another plans.they went to the same highschool and were in the same class.if anyone, i think the one she might like is Wang Zi.

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