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Then I added another group for the other email account and un-checked the box for the misbehaving email account.

When you add a group it is called NEW SEND\RECEIVE.

I just wanted to say that I watched the video above, "How to setup your email in Outlook 2010" by Brad Markle, and followed it step by step.

What had been frustrating to me for a couple of days I was able to complete in about 10 minutes.

In may example my POP group includes my accounts for YAHOO, HOTMAIL and SYMPATICO (Bell in Canada).

I also included my account that I had recently made for my "Microsoft Mail Server" which is the HOTMAIL account for consolidating all my CONTACTS between my Lap Top and Phone (another topic - I can detail that as well for those interested). You can still use your F9 button to do a manual send/receive in all groups or you can use the drop down menu and send/receive in just IMAP or POP.

A new box opens which lists all your accounts on the left hand side.

At the bottom of that drop-down menu you will see DEFINE SEND RECEIVE GROUPS.If you go through the article and still need help you may have to reach out to the support department. This is most likely a limitation of your IMAP server. As I was organizing my outlook folders on my laptop. Now I am getting following error in outlook when I click on some of the folders. I am using 2010 Outlook and having an issue with my email.IMAP4rev1 Server logging out Protocol: IMAP Server: Port: 993 Error Code: 0x800CCCDD The post below from by Richard Laugton of Milton Ontario was useful.In my case, I could not delete ALL ACCOUNTS in the SEND\RECEIVE GROUPS so I just un-checked the box for `Include the selected account in this group' to only have the Rogers account in that group.

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