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In my own experience, these are some of the heartfelt tips I would love to impart : ♡ Always be yourself, never lie, fabricate, photoshop or do anything to give a different impression of who you really are when you set out into the world of dating, especially when using online dating!

It will always catch up with you in the end and it is not a good place to start your journey back into dating or relationships, with deception of any kind!

Please (always) take my personal experience as simply that, it is not gospel and I’m not a professional.

I am someone with lots of life experience who cares deeply about others, living with authenticity and shining a light where I can.

Single parenting is one of my favourite topics, it is deeply personal to me and the lessons I have learned are abundant.

the ones that most people are too shy or embarrassed or scared to cover.

They also wanted the Centre to provide technical assistance on ATI to civil society organisations in Africa.Tune into your gut, your intuition, your knowing, it will never lead you astray.If you are not in tune with these things, then my advice is that you are maybe not ready to be dating yet.) that you are ready, your energy is everything, as is your attitude.♡ Do not stress if someone does not call you back, if they don’t reply to your text message in a certain amount of time or if a first date does not turn into anything more.

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