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Between Breaths by Blaqk Audio), and fantasising about bottoming to a guy (any guy, doesn’t have to be Cas).​****-» Bearly A Moose - farfalle8,700 words, MSummary: Gabriel has a penchant for all things Canadian, Sam slobbers, Cas wants it too, Bobby says “BALLS! Dean is oblivious, of course; Sam, on the other hand, is not.

”, and it’s worst day of Dean’s life until he has sex.****-» The Talking Room - todisturbtheuniverse (lilypetals)5,100 words, GSummary: There’s a room in the bunker: an ordinary-enough room, full of dust and filing cabinets—but it does this one weird thing.***-» The Domestic Life of the Winchesters (And Their Angel) - anonymous1,500 words, TSummary: Something’s been different about Dean’s relationship with Castiel, and Sam’s trying to figure it out. Sam’s never tried his hand at matchmaking before, but it can’t be so hard, right? A hell of a lot.***-» The Care and Keeping of Wings - nekosmuse3,000 words, GSummary: Castiel comes back from Purgatory a little different. Aka the one where people can see Cas’ wings, Dean discovers a kink, and Sam resolves to be a good brother.

Dean, Sam, and not-angel Cas go back to saving people, hunting things. Then Cas gets the hiccups—a curious case of really annoying, seemingly incurable hiccups. Cas with hiccups is an idea taken seriously - with somewhat more angst than one might expect, and the angry sexual tension in this is resolved beautifully.

In which Dean tries to keep from panicking, finally tells Sam the truth about him and Cas, takes care of his angel when something goes wrong and then takes care of him again on the floor in front of the fire place.***-» help, i’m alive - mcpadalackles900 words, TSummary: “No. You never answer my freakin’ prayers, don’t start now.” (In which Dean prays to Cas even though he’s standing right there.)****-» Visions of Sugarplums and Other Various Oddities - elfladyarwen14,100 words, NC-17Summary: An insight into the dream world of two sibling hunters and wayward angel when an attempt to break the record for the most repeat watchings of A Christmas Story succumbs to drunken sleep.

Or, the one where Dean gets turned into an octopus.****-» Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise - nurfherder46,500 words, NC-17Summary: When a witch’s spell goes awry, Dean transforms.

However, even after the dust settles, we can’t change the things we’ve done or revealed about ourselves.

verse Summary: Profits are down at Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc, and Dean Smith’s routine is the first to be interrupted by the boss himself.

Dean never dreamt that he’d be convinced into attending a yoga class with him by the end of the evaluation.(Putting this in the canon rec AND the AU rec because it’s Dean Smith/Castiel Adler, and could technically fit into the It’s a Terrible Life! It’s only 6k but it’s worthy of being called slow build.

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