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I hope to leave everyone feeling a little happier and a little better (not running from me in the halls at church).Perhaps we can create a syllabus for ‘Polite Conversation 101.’ I’ll share my meager knowledge and you can add yours in the comments. Most of these comments simply translate into, “I’m aware of you and I’m interested in your life.” Our ward members simply want to connect and often don’t know how.But if you really want to connect with kids and teens, talk to them about something besides their appearance, catch them doing something good and compliment them, or simply say ‘hello.’ Listening and complimenting are the twin super-powers in conversation. And now I’ve reached the end of my knowledge (it didn’t take long! Please share your own tips on what not to say, conversation starters and how to avoid turning into the annoying person at church.Today the LDS Church re-released a news release entitled “Effectiveness of Church Approach to Preventing Child Abuse.” We say re-release because apparently this press release was issued previously (hat tip Emily W. In this news release the LDS Church claims to be the “gold standard” for dealing with child abuse. Keetch (sustained in the 1st Quorum of the Q70 last year) is likely the primary author of this press release.Young responded by mentioning the Curse of Cain and said that a similar hierarchy of power that was put in place on Earth because of the curse would remain in the afterlife. Ball was good friends with William Smith (Joseph Smith's younger brother).Because of his close connection to Smith, he began to engage in polygamy without the approval of the Brigham Young.

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I cringe to think of the many thoughtless comments I’ve made over the years out of simple ignorance.

We talk a lot about learning not to be offended, but today let’s talk about how we can avoid meaningless platitudes and social gaffes.

I think we’d all like to be the delightful person who says just the right thing.

In December 2013, the LDS Church published an essay approved by the First Presidency that disavowed most race-based explanations for the past priesthood restriction and denounced racism.

During the time Joseph Smith, founder of the Latter Day Saint Movement (1830-1844), was the leader, there were no official racial policies established by what is now known as the LDS Church.

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