No validating saxparser implementation available

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Raising an exception in this method will cause parsing to end.Depending of you enterprise security policy, some - if not most of your middleware servers have no access to Internet.Interface used by the parser to present error and warning messages to the application.The methods of this object control whether errors are immediately converted to exceptions or are handled in some other way.Called when the parser presents minor warning information to the application.Parsing is expected to continue when this method returns, and document information will continue to be passed to the application.

I'm writing a piece of software which uses Xerces/C ( ) to validate documents against XML Schema schemas.

Non-validating processors may skip entities if they have not seen the declarations (because, for example, the entity was declared in an external DTD subset).

All processors may skip external entities, depending on the values of the , the parser will call the methods in your object to report all warnings and errors.

The Parser will call this method to report each chunk of character data.

SAX parsers may return all contiguous character data in a single chunk, or they may split it into several chunks; however, all of the characters in any single event must come from the same external entity so that the Locator provides useful information.

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