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Another key detail: Be sure the service offers a secure payment method.

When you reach the point of payment, the site’s address should contain an “s” after the “ like so: “https:”. The words “free trial” may sound straightforward enough, but in the world of online dating they might be anything but.

Other complaints tend to focus on shoddy customer service and high-pressure sales tactics.

You may not pay as much for an online dating service as you might for a matchmaking service — but you could over time if you’re not careful.

That’s all the more reason to avoid entering your credit-card information until you know exactly when you’ll start being charged. Ideally the online dating service you use will offer on-site messaging and e-mail services.

If that’s not the case, you can take a moment to create a separate — and free — e-mail address through Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo!

The casual daters that seem to only want a hook up?

It’s time to attract high quality dates, date successfully and be consistent about finding love.

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    I alle disse tilfælde er der en ting til fælles – du søger noget sexet underholdning men er ikke villig i at investere i de komplikationer et forhold bærer med sig.