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2) The rock sample must be precisely orientated in x y and z, so that we can reproduce the orientation of the rock in the laboratory.

This orientated reference frame is crucial if we want to determine the direction of the ancient geomagnetic field.

The compass only tilts forward and back so it must be rotated during this process; as a result, it is able to determine true inclination of the core sample.

Because the bubble is centred, the compass is level in both x and y.

In addition to the Grenville dyke samples, a second study area consisting of Ediacaran volcanic rocks of Newfoundland’s west coast will be used in my study as well. Samples from 10 sites of the so-called Skinner Cove volcanics are currently being mailed from Memorial University of Newfoundland to our lab in Liverpool for intensity measurements.

The directions of these rocks have been studied by Dr. As Toronto, Canada’s largest city, is always worth a visit, we concluded this first part of our Canada-adventure by strolling around the waterfront and taking a peek into downtown.

A magnetic compass reading of the X axis is also taken for comparison; this is achieved by aligning the sun compass with the dip direction of the core and placing a magnetic compass against the axis of the mirror.

The image below shows the X and Y axes over a plan view of the core sample/ specimen.

After one or two detours due to slight inaccuracies of our group’s two navigators (who will remain anonymous at this point), we finally reached University of Toronto’s palaeomagnetism lab in the outskirts of the University’s campus.

Now, back in the lab, we have started the first measurements and are excited to uncover the rocks’ last secrets.

It’s that chance for a Palaeomagnetist to get from behind the desk and into, perhaps, a part of the world they have not seen before.

It was great to see the lovely skyline and the CN Tower (shown in the picture below) while every other person was dressed in blue, thanks to a home game of the Toronto Blue Jays.

At this point we would like to express our gratitude to Henry Halls, Phil Mc Causland and Joe Hodych for their help and contributions to get us started in our projects.

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