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I understand that there may not be enough players in the game yet for us to only be paired with players of the same rank, but the way they released Ranked 2.0 was very misleading, as they made it sound like it would be a whole new and better system. I think that what we need is one queue for solo players, and one queue for parties.

If one team has a 3-5 man party, and the other team is 3-5 solo players, then the first team has a huge advantage.

Matchmaking takes so long that I don't mind matching silvers (I'm platinum) from time to time but I agree it shouldn't really be necessary all the time.

Unranked players are different I think though because when I started qualifying I matched bronze/silvers but by the end got thrown in with mainly gold/platinum and was placed in Gold I to start with.

thats it My mains: Front Line: Fernando (14), Ruckus (14), Torvald (14), Terminus (11), Makoa (10), Inara (8) Support: Jenos (14), Seris (13), Ying (9), Grohk (8) Damage: Vivian (11), Lian (9) Flank: Skye (15), Zhin (14), Lex (9) FIX THE MATCHMAKING HIREZ FFS WHEN OB64 COMES LIVE, IM OUT....

edit: UNINSTALLED, BYE I'm going through hell with this shit too. I have a lvl 22 account and keep getting placed against plats and gold while on my team I can't get anything other than other unranked players.... this game matchmaking so broken, im lost count how often i got this "teamruiner" in exp its often got a team like this: 4 exp i platinum 3 got team 1 silver and 3 noob aka gameruiner, for exp if team needs frontline or healer they just go with something else and its cause our team got destroyed 0-4 or got grover who just throwing axe all day long from far away never healing at all. please fix this, tgis kind of thing really ruined this game experience.

They should not be put on teams with bordered players.If you are still doing your 15 provisional matches, you haven't really met the Competitive entry point yet, so you should not be in real Competitive games.And for the Qualifying players, they deserve to have equal chances in those provisional games so that they can be ranked fairly.Okay so, Im just tired of loosing again and again and being stuck in same rank because or unranked players with lvl0 chars, 3dmg 1flank 1heal teams.. like seriously you need to change the system, we need more people with experience not people testing lvl0chars in ranked.I m actually platine, why when I tag ranked Im with unranked people? Just make ranked great again cuz seriously this game is no more fun with me playing with noobs.

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