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One of Dooku's earliest known recruits, Sey served as a personal bodyguard for the Count, alongside Tol Skorr.

She and Skorr enjoyed a tense relationship, being set against one another by Dooku, but both would unite against a perceived threat to their position.

The Dark Acolyte trio were a group of anonymous acolytes who participated in the Battle of Geonosis. During the battle, they helped cover Dooku's retreat by guarding the ground entrance to the Count's private hangar.

Piloting Sith Enforcer battle tanks, they came into conflict with Mace Windu, and all three perished, but they succeeded in delaying him long enough for Dooku to escape.

He sets one against the other, but they will unite against a perceived common threat to their position.It is unknown how these replicas of Dooku came into being, whether as a cloning experiment or a Force-based construct/illusion, but they served as members of the true Dooku's acolytes.Compared to the genuine article, these replicas served largely mundane purposes, one being assigned to guard Wat Tambor's C-B3 cortosis battle droid factory on Metalorn, while another was stationed at Dooku's homeworld of Serenno. "You will have to deal with them if you are going to get close to Dooku. Most of the members would become casualties of the war, and the organization itself was dissolved with Dooku's death.

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