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As we sensed the approach of dusk, we went to the market and bought some snacks for our cocktail hour, and some items for a late dinner we planned on cooking together. The staff at the Blue Whale hadn’t even cleared the tables and chairs to make room for any dancing.

We decided to go over to the Pines for low tea, and made our way through the deserted meat rack, wondering if there would even be anyone at tea. It was such a change of pace from the usual hustle and bustle of those crowded weekend teas.

She even taught me about some of the features on my camera that I didn’t even know I had.

Whereas I would spend low tea on a weekend trying to get drunk and laid, my friend and I took the time to meet new people and learn about their lives. Some of the people we met worked in the Pines; others were schoolteachers whose season had just ended; another used to be the owner of a store that I used to go to as a kid growing up in Brooklyn (it has since closed).

At first I was disappointed by the lack of people there—I wanted my first-timer friend to experience the fun of a traditional Pines low tea dance.

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The Grove Hotel’s rates are significantly lower than on the weekends ( and Dune Point offers “Hump Day” Wednesdays, where you can stay the night for free (

And I felt like I was on vacation, too, not only from my life in NYC, but also a vacation from the usual weekend life in the Grove, too.

For an entire day there was no pressure to do anything—to drink, to barbeque, or to meet friends arriving on a later ferry. At some point, we fell asleep, and the only thing that woke me up was the jingle of the collar on a small dog that staked out some nearby sand.

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